Laser welding: Reduced costs & highest precision

We offer our customers a new and high-performance welding technology with the TRUMPF TruLaser Robot 5020 that has considerable advantages over conventional welding procedures – in both quality and economic respects.

The energy is introduced without contact and positioned very precisely on the component by the laser beam. Because of this only low thermal stress and an extremely limited heat affected zone result. Lean seam geometries and a smooth surface are the result. As a result, reworking is also reduced or even completely omitted. High process speeds ensure short processing times. In addition, the automatic rotation changer makes a simultaneous loading and unloading of the machine possible during the welding process.

Laser welding performance data

TruLaser Robot 5020

Working area:
2,000mm x 950mm x 1,000mm (larger dimensions on request)

approx. 750kg

Laser power:

Sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass

Rotation changer for simultaneous loading and unloading

Laser welding machine TruLaser Robot 5020 with rotation changer for simultaneous loading
Machine interior TruLaser Robot 5020 with laser welding robot
Machine layout Laser welding machine TruLaser Robot 5020
Laser welding

Thermal conduction welding and deep welding

Thermal conduction welding

During thermal conduction welding the two parts edges are joined with reduced power. The focus here lies on the visual appearance and a clean and uniform running welding seam. The mechanical stress plays a subordinate role in the case of thermal conduction welding.

Deep welding

During deep welding the two edges of the parts are joined with high power. A narrow, deep welding seam is created with a small melt zone. Due to high welding speed the heat affected zone is kept small and distortion low. The aim of deep welding is to obtain a full connection with high stability for maximum mechanical stress. The visual appearance plays a subordinate role here.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Welding of complicated seam geometries
  • Pinpoint, precise energy introduction of low distortion welding
  • Minimum thermal material impact
  • No or only light reworking
  • High automation and welding speed
  • Quality monitoring and documentation of process data
  • High process safety due to fully automatic CNC-control
  • Thermal conduction welding for optically perfect welding seams
  • Deep welding for highest stability

The TRUMPF laser welding machine is the optimum addition to our previous welding machines. A welding robot made by Cloos is also in use as well as manual welding stations. In this way we can react flexibly and rapidly to the requirements and needs of our customers.

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