Standard equipment & options load train Industry Train IT500

Equipment Industry Train load train IT500
  • Load train for indoor use
  • SE tyres option for outdoor use
  • Agile and short load train system
  • High directional stability, especially on S-curves
  • No twisting due to 3-point system
  • Loading capacity up to 2,000 kg per load carrier
Industry Train load IT500
Industry Train load train IT500
Industry Train load train IT500

Chassis and load capacity

  • IT510 (1,000 kg)
  • IT516 (1,600 kg)
  • IT520 (2,000 kg)

Standard equipment

  • Electric stepless lifting gear for stable and consistent lifting characteristics
  • Electric spindle with scissor lift
  • Individually controllable lifting functions of the load carriers
  • Central operation from operating panel on tow tractor, or directly from the module / load carrier
  • Integrated spring system in the lifting gear
  • Bandage tyres
  • Electronic steering with possible diagonal travel ("Crabbing")
  • Reverse travel
  • Automatic speed reduction of the entire load train in corners
  • Intelligent CAN-Bus control for permanent communication between tow tractor and modules
  • Low-noise operation due to backlash-free connection and suspension
  • Drive release only possible with raised lifting gear
  • Automatic tow tractor interlocking when load carriers are lowered
  • Overload protection for the lifting gear
  • Operating hours meter and Service lamp

Available options

  • Electric single-wheel brake system with ABS function
  • Outdoor package with SE double tyres
  • Wind and rainproof weather protection system with mechanical or electric sliding gate
  • Lighting system with rear; brake, indicator lights and rotating beacon
  • Customised painting of the module panels as well as printing on the weather protection tarpaulins
  • Passage barrier tape
  • Profile/clearance lights
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Further options on request

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