Industry Train load train: Two series for different applications

The Industry Train load train has two different chassis types for indoor and outdoor operation with a loading capacity of 1,000 kg to a maximum of 3,000 kg. With the two series, all conceivable areas of application of a load train can be covered. Both in industrial halls and outdoors on uneven ground (cobblestone pavements, potholes or even rails and low kerbs), the Industry Train load train is always safe and efficient on the move. Thanks to standard suspension, automatic curve speed reduction of the entire train, electromechanical steering, and much more, the Industry Train load train offers maximum protection for man and material.

Industry Train laod train IT500:
Compact and agile

Industry Train load train IT500
  • Load train for indoor use
  • SE tyres option for outdoor use
  • Agile and short load train system
  • High directional stability, especially on S-curves
  • No twisting due to 3-point system

Chassis and loading capacity

  • IT510 (1,000 kg)
  • IT516 (1,600 kg)
  • IT520 (2,000 kg)
Industry Train load train IT500

Industry Train load train IT800:
Comfortable in the outdoor area

Industry Train load train IT800
  • Load train for outdoor and also for indoor use
  • Swing axle with excellent roll compensation
  • High spring deflections and ground clearance
  • Lifting heights up to 200 mm
  • Loading capacity up to 3,000 kg possible

Chassis and loading capacity

  • IT810 (1,000 kg)
  • IT816 (1,600 kg)
  • IT820 (2,000 kg)
  • IT830 (3,000 kg)
Industry Train load train IT800

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