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The load train Industry Train can be used in many industries and in a wide variety of applications. In all areas, the Neumaier load train can bring enormous efficiency gains and cost savings. Be it in the automotive and supplier industry, aviation, vehicle construction, building industry, mechanical and plant engineering or in the tourism and catering industry.

Load train Industry Trains are already being used successfully in many companies. See for yourself how the load train Industry Train works in real-life at customer sites and how versatile and flexible the Neumaier load train can handle a wide variety of applications.

Lieberr-Werk Bischofshofen with Neumaier Load Train

Industry Train load train at Liebherr Bischofshofen

At the Liebherr plant in Bischofshofen, two Industry Train load trains from Neumaier are the link between the warehouse and production. The load train concept for internal material supply was already firmly planned during the planning of the new automated container and Euro pallet warehouse due to the geographical layout of the warehouse.

Mechanical Engineering

A Swiss machine tool manufacturer drives Jungheinrich Electric Tractor with Neumaier load train Industry Train

Forklift out, load train in. When it comes to optimising internal material supply, a Swiss mechanical engineering company for gear grinding at its headquarters in the canton of Zurich clearly relies on the load train concept.

Heraeus Site Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Efficient warehouse management with Industry Train load train

Standstill is out of the question for our customer Hauff-Technik, Europe's most important manufacturer of cable, pipe and line bushings. A load train solution consisting of a Jungheinrich EZS 350 lithium-ion tractor together with the IT510 Industry Train load train with three EF2 load carriers ensures maximum productivity and lean processes.

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